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ISES 2015 Henderson, Nevada. Exposures in an Evolving Environment. International Society of Exposure Science: 25th Annual Meeting- October 18-October 22, 2015. Henderson, Nevada.


Field Trip to the Perchlorate Treatment Plant and Las Vegas Wash!

Day/Time: Thursday afternoon (after the close of the ISES 2015 Meeting), 1:00 pm until dinnertime
Fee: $25

The Field Trip to the Perchlorate Treatment Plant and Las Vegas Wash to be held October 22 has reached capacity and is now closed. Please e-mail if you would like to be put on the waiting list. The subject line of the e-mail should be “ISES Tour” and your email needs to include your name, email address and phone number to receive text messages. We will contact those on the wait list on a first-come, first-served basis.


Lash Vegas Wash (2001)Join Dr. Jaci Batista, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and members of the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee on an exciting tour of the Las Vegas Wash, a 12 mile-long Waterway that connects the Las Vegas Watershed with Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Intense perchlorate production and handling, during the last sixty years, contributed to perchlorate contamination of the groundwater in an industrial area of Henderson, Nevada. Two perchlorate production facilities operated in the Henderson area: the Keer McGee facility, located within the Basic Management Industrial (BMI) Complex, and operated since 1945; and the PEPCON plant, where perchlorate was manufactured from 1958 until an explosion in May 1988 destroyed the plant.

Field Trip to the Perchlorate Treatment Plant and Las Vegas Wash MapIn Henderson, perchlorate was released into the environment from industrial buildings and the storage units. In addition, perchlorate-containing wastes were directly disposed into unlined ponds from 1945 to 1976. Disposal of perchlorate resulted in its migration into the groundwater forming two contaminant plumes, a high concentration main plume originating underneath the industrial area and moving towards the Las Vegas Wash, and a secondary plume in the unlined waste disposal ponds, close to the Las Vegas Wash. Perchlorate contaminated groundwater seeped into this Wash and contaminated the Colorado River, which is the water source of over 30 million people.

JACIMARIA R. BATISTA. Ph.D., P.E, Southwest Gas ProfessorDr. Batista will describe the history of perchlorate manufacturing and contamination in the area, the magnitude of the contamination and efforts to reduce perchlorate seeping into the Colorado River. The tour will include a visit to the biological treatment plant currently used to treat the contaminated perchlorate plumes in the site.



JACIMARIA R. BATISTA. Ph.D., P.E, Southwest Gas Professor