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ISES 2015 Henderson, Nevada. Exposures in an Evolving Environment. International Society of Exposure Science: 25th Annual Meeting- October 18-October 22, 2015. Henderson, Nevada.


All abstract submission is now closed. The Technical Organizing Committee would like to thank everyone who submitted symposia proposals, abstracts for symposia, and freestanding abstracts. If your abstract was accepted for presentation, please review the guidelines below for details.

Presentation Guidelines


Local-poster-printing-click-hereAll posters need to be posted no later than 9:00 a.m. and taken down after 4:00 p.m., but no later than 6:00 p.m., on the day of the assigned poster session (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday). At least one author of the abstract must be present at the poster during both designated viewing times on your day. Each poster presentation will be assigned one side of a 4-foot high by 8-foot wide poster board. The poster board is composed of soft material that allows easy mounting with push pins. Poster presenters must pin their poster onto the poster board labeled with their session ID number (found in the final conference program). Push pins will be available in the poster board area and registration desk.


Session Format
Each session will be either 60 or 90 minutes and will feature either 3 or 5 presentations respectively. Each symposium will have at least one organizer and each platform session will have a chair, and possibly a co-chair. Organizers/chairs are responsible for adhering to the order of the presentations as they are listed in the program; introducing the session and speakers; keeping speakers to their time limit; transitioning between speakers; and moderating the discussion. Organizers/chairs will be strictly adhering to the schedule to ensure that all speakers have the opportunity to present during their designated time slot. Symposium presenters should contact their symposium organizer(s) for specific instructions on their presentations. A general guideline helpful for estimating the correct length of your presentation is a maximum of one slide per minute.

Presentation Format
Your presentation must be in Microsoft Power Point format on a USB memory stick written in a manner readable by a standard computer. The file name of your presentation should include the abstract number followed by the lead author's last name and first initial. Instructions regarding submission of your presentation will sent to you via email.

Audio-visual Equipment
The following audio-visual equipment will be available for your use: LCD data projector, laptop, and laser pointer. When standing at a podium, adjust the microphone height as necessary. When referencing the screen always keep the microphone between yourself and the screen so that your voice will project into the microphone.

additional presentation information

Please address any questions to Registration for the meeting is now open — take advantage of early registration fees by registering today!

*This link requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need the acrobat reader you can download it here.